Snowball experiment

As someone might have noticed on my blog, we are now i South Africa to celebrate my brothers wedding. In advance we have got to know the family, for his coming wife to be, on facebook. And there one of them asked us, as a joke, to bring along som snow. The first thougth is that its not possible. How can a snowball possibly survive such a long travel? But then we started to think about it more spesifically, how can it be done?

First of all, and probably the most important factor, is that where the luggage is stored, it is probably not far from the temperatur just outside the plane, which could be very much less then 0. But before we get so far, it has to survive a few hours without that cold. It will take at least 3 hours for the snowball lying in the luggage, to go from the fridge at home to the «fridge» at the airplane. And then, after the Johannesburg arrival, it got to last about another two hours, now in 20 degrees.

The video is in Norwegian, and without subtitles 😦

I thought that if I could get a small portable cooler, and then put some cooling elements inside, it might just work. I made a big snowball, put it in the fridge for a couple of weeks, and then put it in the cooler with the cooling elements as well. Then I just had to wait the whole trip and hope for the best. It was with great excitement I checked the luggage and the cooler at the airport in Johannesburg. And, believe it or not, it was fully intact. And it was still at the arrival in Vanderbijlpark. That was just cool, and I`m very happy with the result.

This is how it looked like when I left home

And here, safely in 30 degrees, Vanderbijlpark, South – Africa

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3 svar til Snowball experiment

  1. AM Skofterud sier:

    Hahaha! Guri malla jeg dævver av latter.

  2. salome sier:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! what can i say! i really didn’t expect that you would actually bring us some snow!!!! haha, that is super cool, lets see if it can survive until i arrive? haha

    • tobskut sier:

      No problem for it to survie until you arrive, its in the fridge.. But, crap, you were not suppose to know it before you got here… 🙂 Your family got it now.

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