Unwillingly following strangers on Instagram

The last couple of months i have experienced some strange behaviour on Instagram. I have my followers, and I choose the people to follow carefully according to my interests.

What started to happen a few months ago, was that I began to get totally strangers updates in my feed. People that I have never heard about, and accounts that were never an option to follow suddenly appeared with there pictures in the stream that I see every day. First I didnt realise what happened, but when it started to happen very rapedly, like every day, it started to anoy me.

Like most people do when you want to figure something out, you ask your best friend, Google. And I did. The problem was, that my all knowing friend, couldnt help me. I’m used to be able to find soloutions to issues like this by searching the web, and I expected to pretty easy figure this one out too, but easier said than done. I posted a tweet to see if some of my followers recogniced my problem, but no reply there either. I also sent an e-mail to NRKbeta for a soloution, or maybe a tip for a blogpost, but still no reply.

Status today is that I still don’t know what is causing this, so I started to screenshot the accounts that was «spamming» me, and for some weird reason managed to make my account follow them, so that I could make my own post here and show examples.

Have you heard about this? Do you know why and how this is possible? Do you know how to prevent it from happening again?










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Ett svar til Unwillingly following strangers on Instagram

  1. I have the same thing! Weird people that I never wanted to follow. Maybe the account got hacked so they can sell followers. To be sure I’m going to change my password.

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